The Freedom Multi-Coloured Natural Necklace

£ 140.00

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Our Freedom stunning Multi-Colored Natural Agate Stone Necklace Stack is a vibrant combination of three exquisite pieces that epitomize elegance and embody the latest trends. Designed to create a captivating summer glow look, this jewellery stack is bright, beautiful, and perfect for making a bold fashion statement.

Each piece in this stack features natural agate stones in a variety of mesmerizing colours, ranging from orange and green to vibrant pink, white, yellow and purple. The unique patterns and hues of the agate stones make each piece truly one-of-a-kind, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of nature. The necklace drapes gracefully around the neck, with each agate stone carefully placed to create a harmonious flow of colours. 

This jewellery stack is not only visually stunning but also incredibly versatile. Wear the pieces together for a bold and vibrant look that instantly brightens up any outfit. Whether you’re attending a summer garden party, a beach wedding, or a casual brunch with friends, this jewellery stack is sure to turn heads and make you feel radiant.

Materials, Dimensions and Fit:

  • A stack of 3 necklaces – lengths 14”- 16”,  17”-25″  and 30”-36”


  • The necklace comes beautifully packaged in an elegant jewellery box, ensuring it arrives safely and is ready for gifting or personal enjoyment.